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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Price Range of Your Gowns?

Our Reorderable gown prices range $800-$3000. When dresses are discontinued by the designer, we mark them down and they are exclusively ‘off the rack’ gowns. These gowns range from $200-$1,200.

**Note: 99% of our gowns are able to be purchased off the rack if a bride is in a tight timeline.

What sizes do you carry?

In store we carry Bridal sizes 6-28. (street size 4-26- sizing explained below). We are able to order sizes 0-32W.

How Long do dresses take to order? And When should I Start Shopping?

Most of our designers have shipping times that average 4-6 months depending on the time time of year ordered. With shipping times varying and needed alterations after receiving the gown, we suggest shopping for your gown 8-12 months before your wedding date.

Will I need alterations? Do you do them at your shop?

You will most likely need alterations on any gown you order. When you order, we do take your measurements and order the size based on the designers size chart. However, these are “generic” sizes and lengths. You will most likely need a hem, straps adjusted, etc, to make sure the dress fits you perfectly. We do not do alterations in our store, however, we do provide our brides with a list of trusted alterations specialists in the area that we have used for years. This keeps your alterations costs down and allows for local small businesses to be supported.

Do I need an appointment?

As Bridal requires much attention for each appointment we ask that you schedule an appointment on our website so that we can be prepared for you and have a dressing room ready. We only have 3 dressing rooms, and certain days, without appointments, we will not be able to open a room for you.

How long will my appointment be?

Bridal appointments generally last 1.5 hours. This allows enough time to pick out gowns, try them on, and maybe grab a few more as we narrow down what styles are really speaking to you. When you come pick up your dress we’ll take 30 mins to get you in your gown on, and go over everything before you take it home!!


For Mother appointments, Bridesmaid Appointments, and Accessory appoints, an hour is usually more than enough time to look through everything.

We also now offer Private VIP Appointments! These appointments are 2 hours and include your choice of sweet or savory snacks and champagne for your group! You will also receive one of our famous changing robes to use and take home! These appointments are held privately after working hours and we ask that they are booked at least 7 days in advance so we can prepare! 

Who do I take with me to a bridal appointment? How many people should I bring?

We allow Brides to bring up to 4 friends on weekends. If you’d like more people, we can arrange for a much larger appointment with at least 2 days notice. Less is more, when it comes to opinions. Limit your entourage to a few valued opinions. It’s your dress and your day. Invite only the people who matter most...they will be supportive when you find it. Since we recommend 4- you’re free to make us the bad guy when you need to limit your numbers and don’t know how to tell the clingy one “no.”

What should I bring to my appointment? How should I prepare?

Nothing to bring, just your fabulous self!! Some brides are most comfortable wearing a strapless bra in case you need help in the dressing room. And many brides regret not wearing nude/white underwear (why is it that Saturdays seem to be striped underwear day?), but overall, as long as you’re comfortable, that’s what matters most!

Many Brides like to do their makeup and hair for appointments since it makes them feel more like what they’ll look on the day of their wedding. But again, be comfortable, and be true to you.

Why are bridal sizes different?

Bridal companies use very old size charts. For example. A dress comes out in 1980. It’s popular for 5 years. A dress comes out in 1982, it’s popular for 8 years. Dresses overlap across seasons, years, some are even decades. Companies are not able to update size charts regularly. Because of this, you might see a 1, 2, or even 3 size jump from what you normally wear to bridal sizes. If you’re normally a size 10, bridal size might be a 12 or 14 depending on the company. Don’t let the numbers bother you, lets just find you the perfect dress!

What is a trunk show?

A Trunk show is a period (usually a week or long weekend) where the store will carry a more complete collection by a certain designer. If a bridal collection has 30 pieces, we might only carry 12 of them that we thought would do the best in our store/area. A Trunk show allows us to get in the rest of the collection so that brides who want to see everything, have the opportunity to try the gown on before ordering.

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